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Does Gazewood & Weiner handle criminal cases ?
AWe get asked all the time what type of cases we take.  From the start, we have endeavored to have a firm that can handle all practice areas for all Alaskans.  Our three primary practice areas are:  Alaska Criminal Defense, General Civil Litigation, and Family Law, however – we also handle Business Law, Probate Law, Personal Injury, and many other areas.  If you have a specific question whether or not we have an experienced attorney that can handle your specific case – fill out this form and we will get you an answer within 24 hours.
How many Anchorage Attorneys do you have on staff?
A We have nine experienced attorneys each with their own special talents and areas of expertise.  We also are lucky enough to be backed up by an amazing support staff.  You can read more about our Anchorage Attorneys here.
How do I know if I need an attorney or if I should represent yourself?
AEvery situation has it’s own unique set of circumstances.  What is right for you may be different than what is right for someone else.  For us to answer that question – we need a lot more information.  We offer low-cost no-obligation initial-consultations for this reason.  If you aren’t sure on what your next step should be –contact us- we can help you analyze your situation and help you determine what you should do.
Another Frequently Asked Question?
AAnother Answer…